#operationPublicSpeaker Session 2 Episode 4 Facebook paid adds

#operationPublicSpeaker Session 2 Episode 4

In this episode go over my 3-week experiment with Facebook paid adds.

*One video running a paid campaign for a week with a $10 budget.
*One video posting in groups that I found to respond well to my type of content.
*And one video was just posted and left to generate views with no marketing at all
Check out the results in this episode!

It is also important for content creators to interact with there audience even if your audience is so large its impossible to have personal exchanges with them all. It’s a good practice to connect with as many as possible.


OPS Season 2 Episode 3. Don’t let anyone detour you from your vision.

#operationPublicSpeaker Session 2 Episode 3

When you’re creating something new, it can sometimes be hard for others to see it before it’s manifested. Especially if your path to your vision is unorthodox. Keep pushing forward your vision was given to you and only you and you must make it happen no matter what obstacles lay in your way.

In this episode, I speak about not letting anyone detour you from your visions and take you along to a video shoot where we get some words of encouragement from CreamTeam Chicago.