A Picture’s Inspiration

Never know when inspiration may emerge. I often seek it. from sitting in silence monitoring my thoughts for epiphany. Or skimming audio books for some combination of words that will spark some moment of Awe. In this moment my lust for accomplishment lured me to the WordPress hall of verbiage. What stood out was a silent blog that showcased a beautiful array of Chicago Photographs. This is my home town so this site was speaking to me at that very moment. The moment was so perfect that even after browsing more pictures nothing captivated my attention like the first one I seen.

This photograph made me think of how amazing the mind is to manifests its ideas into a physical forms from cities to paintings. Even more amazing how every photo taken of that same structure will be unique. The way one takes photographs is a glimpse at how they interpret the world. A great photographer exist when there point of view perpetually inspires them. When a great photographer freezes moments they have the power to inspire there viewers.

I am inspired to share more of the things that inspire me. Thanks #chitownphotos

Writer by: Larry “KS” Streeter

Picture by: Larry “KS” Streeter

via Monday – November 21st 2016 — chitownphotos

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