#Operationpublicspeaker Pt.2 (Overcoming Fear)

We sometimes let our insecurities hold us back from opportunities that will make us wealthy. Over strategizing business plans and life decisions alike.

On my journey I have met some amazing people who have inspired me to do great things. I have formulated a simple strategy to do less planning. I decided to just put out ruff draft style productions. Just speak my mind and publish it before i have a chance to judge myself. That’s the only way I will be able to keep up with this extremely fast pace world we now live in.

No longer do we have the luxury to not fail in front of the world. We must document our ideas and philosophies in hopes that it takes the human race to the next level. We must allow our personalities to attract an audience that will follow and support our ideas.

We are back to the times where community and relationships matter. The internet is our world, social media and web sites are our cities and states. And the huge networks of people we connect with represent our communities. Leave behind your fear and boldly seize your destiny of happiness in a lifestyle that was once harder to attain. Today you can grow wealthy doing anything you can imagine. Our world is better than it has ever been. Don’t let your life pass by without striving to be the best version of yourself you can be.

By: Larty Streeter

 Link to book “the power of habit”

Links to Gear used to create this video

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