#strangeradvice ep.1 (New Series!)


#Strangeradvice Ep.1 (New Series!)

This is the introduction to my latest innovation in my journey to becoming the #contentking, and public speaker, and your personal content marketing strategist. Stranger advice is a new series where you will join me as I meet some interesting strangers with experience living a successful lifestyle. Im not interested in where they grew up, what school they went to, or questions your traditional interviewer would ask. I wanna know one thing and one thing only. At this point in their life, what makes so accomplished? What laws do they live by in there successful lifestyle and what advice can they offer myself, you, and anyone else who aspires achieve wealth. Yeah I know that was more than one question but you get the picture.

This weekend I joined a unique industry specific event.” Event Pros Unplugged: Winter Speed Networking Eventt”. This event brought together event planners from all over Chicago for one purpose. GROWTH. In the event planner’s world, constantly combining resources is part of a successful lifestyle, in addition to hard work and dedication which applies to all business forms. How you grow a little more wise as I did as you listen to these industry professionals.


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