#Successleague Ep.3 Ft Crysta Wicks Being Successful As A Jack Of All Trades.

#Successleague Ep.3 Ft Crysta Wicks Being Successful As A Jack Of All Trades.

Crysta Wicks is The Boss Wife, Mother, author, entrepreneur, and innovative creative. While she effortlessly inspires many she simultaneously grooms her children to carry her legacy. I have known Crysta for many years and I must say she is loyal, consistent, strategic, and humble. This is someone you want to have in your corner. I have had the pleasure to watch Crysta evolve from an already successful company and lifestyle to excellence in running her now fine-tuned business. This amazing woman never gives up on her visions and will accomplish anything that she speaks, no matter how long it takes. I can testify that she will stay focused and strategically take all the proper steps to get it done. So don’t take her kind heated nature for granted, this is a strong woman who has earned her respect.

This discussion will give some insight on multitasking as an entrepreneur. We no longer live in a world where its best to specialize in one skill. Technology now allows us to be masters of multiple trades. Hope you find value in this discussion.


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