#Strangeradvicedeluxe Featuring Kyoto Hibachi Grill, Wisconsin Dells

Family Values

Family drives many ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things. When working towards a goal that will also benefit those you love it has a way of giving us strength we may have never discovered otherwise. I don’t believe that humans are wired to be selfish although some of us discipline ourselves to be so as a safety measure to protect our feelings. But somehow human nature always reminds us that no matter how hard we try to distance ourselves from friends and family we will always have the desire to protect and provide.

I want to thank Andy for sharing his business philosophy. After dining at his restaurant Kyoto Hibachi grill on the Wisconsin dells strip I immediately felt like I was dining with family and asked to meet the owner. This was an impulse that rewarded me with not only making a great wise friend that shared some inspiring words for you and I; but this gesture also created a pleasant business opportunity. I pitched a great video content idea for their restaurant and was invited back to film it the next afternoon.

Always remember. “Success is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle. Find joy in productive things and your destiny will be as you paint it.”

~Larry Streeter


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