Success is not a destination it’s a lifestyle 

Having a great idea is an experience we all share. Having a great idea and manifesting it is an experience only a few get to enjoy. But why is that true? Our mind can sometimes work against us. Just as our mind has great ideas worth manifesting. Our mind also has reasons why the task can be difficult to achieve. Settling us right back into a blanket of complacency.

How do we overcome being our own worst enemy? 1st step is recognizing that moment when your mind turns on your ideas. That moment of; “is this really worth the time and energy”? Breaking long term goals into a series of short term goals is a skill worth mastering. Enjoy the process of working towards a greater purpose then the basic everyday chores. Yes you got out of bed. You made it to work on time. You completed some house work etc. Bla bla bla. But what about taking 30min out of your 24hr day to create a plan to achieve a goal that doesn’t give you instant gratification. Try starting a personal project that may take say a week or more to fully complete.
This could be anything you have been meaning to get around to but somehow can never find the time. From wanting start a business to the desire to stop smoking. Any thing is possible when you give your ideas the time and attention to come to fruition. Once you complete your first personal goal that required you to invest a little free time that you wouldn’t have otherwise each day. I can promise you you’ll be hooked. You will become an #accomplishmentjunkie. You will want to experience this feeling over and over.

The purpose of this site is to share my adventures as a hopes to inspire those that visit keep accomplishing great things. To also speak with other accomplishment junkies and learn what drives them. What keeps them on track. To share and receive the knowledge and wisdom needed to live a successful life style.