OPS Season 2 Episode 1. What Have I Learned From Posting Valuable Content.

Operation Public Speaker / Season 2, Episode 1. What Have I Learned From Posting Valuable Content?


  • Make An Effort.
    • You must take time to locate your target audience.
  • Be Interactive.
    • While your audience is manageable respond to every comment and direct message.
  • Form The Habit.
    • Over time creating and posting content will be second nature.
  • Try Not To Repeat Yourself.
    • Repeating yourself will just make your video longer.
  • Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan.
    • Create bullet points just like this to guide your there your recording.
  • Content Schedule.
    • What days out of the week will you guarantee your audience fresh content.
  • Don’t Bit Off More Then You Can Chew
    • Do make a comment to your audience that will make failing more likely.
  • What Will I Be Doing Across My Platforms?
    • I speak a bit about my strategies for this season across various social media platforms.

10x28x2017 working with happy people

With a busy day ahead I pulled an all nighter. New Vlogs on the way Have a great day.

I also speak a little about working with happy people. Random I know but maybe its just what you need to hear. I remind myself constantly. At the end of the video I share my snapchat using it to do improv Vlog style story telling.