10x28x2017 working with happy people

With a busy day ahead I pulled an all nighter. New Vlogs on the way Have a great day.

I also speak a little about working with happy people. Random I know but maybe its just what you need to hear. I remind myself constantly. At the end of the video I share my snapchat using it to do improv Vlog style story telling.

#operationpublicspeaker ep. 9 Get over your fears!


#operationpublicspeaker ep. 9
Get over your fears!

Face them.

FEAR tricks you into believing there’s a problem where there isn’t.

FEAR will make someone your enemy who wasn’t by making you act in a way that offends them.

FEAR will prevent your success by confusing you into overthinking.

FEAR will block your creativity by making you concerned what others “might” think.

FEAR will keep you in toxic relationships to keep from being alone.

FEAR will make you work with clients you shouldn’t by telling you there “might” not be another.

FEAR will keep you around fake people who tell you what you want to hear to avoid the truth.

If you don’t confront FEAR you won’t live a successful lifestyle. Overcome FEAR find your purpose take chances. Keep pushing forward never let FEAR put you progress on hold. Your ideas where put there for a reason you second guesses are your FEAR.

I face my FEAR every time I get in front of the camera and some of you who have read this far are the reason I know that FEAR was preventing my progress. My FEAR prevented the growth of my brand for years. Don’t make the same mistake don’t hold up your progress a min longer. Fearlessly create your action plan now; and work it!


What are the key ingredients for great content?



Im back after loosing someone close to me making content about content.
Wanna be better more innovative more creative and stronger then ever before. I want to encourage those that what to live a successful lifestyle by making a living doing what they are most passionate about. I have found a way to do this and you too will find your way.
I am open to answer any question that come my way. I offer free consultation and affordable content marketing that brings out the personality in your brand so you can reach and connect with more great people in need of your product or service.
Content is vital to your success. Without it you will be left behind in this fast pace world where people crave information and entertainment. Give it to them or they will just find it else where. technology has made success easier then ever if your willing to put in the work and speak directly to the world there that amazing device that deserves much more then the title cell phone. We hold in the palm of are hand a device that has the world hypnotized and you need to project your message through it.
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