Accomplishment Junkie / Music Video Trailer (Art Project)

To Create this creative content art i used the following line up.
Gopro Hero 5
Gopro Karma Grip
Gopro Hero 4
DJI Mavic Pro
Sony A6000
Edited with Sony Vegas

This is the out come of a snow balling epiphany. Started with the inspiration to write a poem to a very soothing beat i came across. After i had writing a verse and record it i decided to compose a music video from clips i have collected since starting this vloging journey.

This was also a experiment with color grading gopro and mavic footage. While being an opportunity to showcase where i have evolved as an artist.

I just want to share the journey of infinite possibility.

Success is not a destination its a lifestyle. Find joy in productive things and your destiny will be as you paint it.

#operationpublicspeaker ep. 9 Get over your fears!

#operationpublicspeaker ep. 9
Get over your fears!
Face them.
FEAR tricks you into believing there’s a problem where there isn’t.
FEAR will make someone your enemy who wasn’t by making you act in a way that offends them.
FEAR will prevent your success by confusing you into overthinking.
FEAR will block your creativity by making you concerned what others “might” think.
FEAR will keep you in toxic relationships to keep from being alone.
FEAR will make you work with clients you shouldn’t by telling you there “might” not be another.
FEAR will keep you around fake people who tell you what you want to hear to avoid the truth.
If you don’t confront FEAR you won’t live a successful lifestyle. Overcome FEAR find your purpose take chances. Keep pushing forward never let FEAR put you progress on hold. Your ideas where put there for a reason you second guesses are your FEAR.
I face my FEAR every time I get in front of the camera and some of you who have read this far are the reason I know that FEAR was preventing my progress. My FEAR prevented the growth of my brand for years. Don’t make the same mistake don’t hold up your progress a min longer. Fearlessly create your action plan now; and work it!

~Larry Streeter

#Successleague Ep. 5 ft. JUST NESH

The common theme with successful lifestyles is consistency. Taneshia aka Just Nesh is a talented, ambitious, and extremely confident lady. When I first met her she was creating a platform for comedians that not only showcased there craft but also invited them into a community. She is a natural born leader and creator and gives off a genuine positive vibe. I believe in her and hope that someone will be inspired to pursue there dreams no matter what they may be; Stay consistent keep going never give up. Success is not a destination its a lifestyle.


Vlog #3 Late night B Roll footage mission in downtown Chicago

On this adventure I explore beautiful downtown Chicago at night. I bring along my canon 60D for lowlight filming, My DJI Mavic Pro, and capture a few shots with my Sony Alpha 6000 before leaving out.

I leave the house only to discover my gas tank was on empty😩. So I make a stop at the gas station before I began my journey to downtown Chicago. Once I arrive I attempt get a difficult shot of if the lake front that I’ve always wanted to capture. Then as a back up I get some awesome footage Colosseum park a Chicago landmark.